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Zefiro Torna
3 June 2017 - 2 September 2017
Centre d’art Contemporain Passerelle

“Zefiro Torna” borrows its title from a short sonnet by Francesco Petrarca, the sonnet depicts mythological references drowned in melancholia, defining in it contrast to the joy and light that arrive with the return of Spring.
Vasiljeva creates a theatrical, scattered landscape, addressing the idea of community and its relation to the mythological thinking. The artist hints at the return of the imaginary community, supporting the idea that what is or what defies a society is not necessarily human. A community which involves tricksters, dead heroes, homeless lunatics, inherited spells, children's phantasies and lies, erotic alchemy, golden beards, film characters, mirrors, words. In other words a community which embraces the otherwordliness as opposed to the rigid committees or finger pointing categories.

At Passerelle Vasiljeva creates is an abandoned stage set populated by paraphernalia belonging to these archaic characters. The strong scent of the spirit of the port city of Brest, its erotic querrell’ish sailor aesthetic sieves through the installation. The exhibition brings together various elements: half domestic-half imaginary objects, questionable materials, theatrical debris. These efforts result in a variety of sculptures made out of stainless steel, spray painted metal, textiles, rubber, ceramics, wood and other found or modified objects. Together they develop a refined, multilayered series of references that opens a dense network of associations.
To accompany the exhibition Vasiljeva involves the educational department of Passerelle to participate and contribute to the installation.

photos by Aurélien Mole