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The King Of Gold
Nice, thin needles of tiny palm trees, beach bums, old fishermen, their fantastic books, their daughters, white blue wet cardboard, fish spines, songs, don quichottes, astronomic movements, letters, " the place of a man", speech stamps, professor's memories, white covers, seaweed inserts, tall lady, fairy tale beauty of animals and how they turn under the spell of magic, the season, seven magical inspirations, jazzy rainbows, seven thin reeds of unequal length, eyeballs of a gypsy, kings of lemonade, warm marbles, magical little truths, very small plants, Natalya, magnified and lost, dolled up in white, carnations, pebbles and small searocks, movie clips, pale turbans, saturation, eunuchs from the North, eunuchs gardeners, the body of st.Augustus, changing pattern of freckles, in september, pear graves, palms and goblets, bouquets, slow readers, swimming pool population, september mix, my captains, nunnery built on the bottom of a dry-out lake, they dream of swimmers, mother or father,silk toys,singing statues of pharao's, million of tiny cracks, every beautiful pea, pauses, bonsai masters, fruit, imitations of snowballs, foreign fingers, culture houses.

The publication and collection of audio tapes accompany Francis Ponge installation at 1646.