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Group exhibition at 4 2 7
5 September 2018 – 4 October 2018

Curated by Kaspars Groševs & Marta Trektere
Participating artists: Māris Bišofs, Maira Dobele & Inga Meldere, Vasilijs Karasjovs, Ola Vasiljeva

Once a month me and my friend discuss the language. Is language subjective or is it objective after all. I’m aware that it describes both subjective and objective things, but language in itself cannot be considered to be something objective, or am I wrong? True meaning of a word is subjective. But I’m not completely sure about that. I guess, it depends on who you are and where you are. Language and spoken words are only symbols and sound only gives it meaning. I claim that language is subjective – can anyone claim the opposite? Is there anybody who can create objective language so that they are not misunderstood?

The word “objective” is something that is independent from our consciousness and that is technically not a subject nor object, because the notion (objective/subjective) doesn’t exist without consciousness. In the end all of words are only notions. On the other side if we think about a “notion”, then the chemical composition of our brain is objective and not subjective, even though we cannot perceive nor interpret most of it.

In the morning I drink kaffõ. The artist recently quit vỏl to switch to vīn instead. My mum says that I should eat rīprok in the morning not to irritate my stomach.

I often have morbid uņnäg where I see joug and sustriņi, there are swimming līvlitz and Kūolka pivākuodā is standing on the top of a hill. But now, more than ever, I wish that my naggõrz would be warm and not cold, because kikjālga tastes better with a warm potato.

Marta Trektere

Photos by Līga Spunde
installation views of The Pot Of Resin and A Body of Moss